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Cartographer Cutlery Case

Cartographer Cutlery Case




This roll-up case makes avoiding single-use cutlery when you are out and about easy and special! 

It is designed to hold a knife, a fork, a spoon, a straw and, of course, a napkin. If you decided to use it to stash away your art supplies and make-up brushes, that would be a neat idea, too.

Contains 4 pockets with top fabric fold down to tuck longer items in and stop anything from falling out but can also be used for extra storage.

We uses waterproof fabric so that you are able to wipe any dirt and dust when needed

Measurement :

  • 30cm (L) x 15cm (W) unfloded

    Care :

    • Bags should be hand-washed so as to preserve laminated fabric.
    • Do not machine wash or dry and do not iron.

    Please note: While the fabric of the bag itself is entirely waterproof, in the event of prolonged exposure to wet weather conditions, water may enter through its seams. We recommend using an internal dry bag for items that must remain absolutely dry, such as mobile phones, or paper documents.