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Cartographer Framebag (Discountinued)

Cartographer Framebag (Discountinued)




Made with lightweight, waterproof VX21 material imported from the US, our hand-sewn bags are sturdy and durable – made to withstand rough rides and hard hits.

Adhering securely to the toptube of your bikeframe, this means you no longer need a bulky rear rack for your belongings!

Bag can hold up to 4 litres and it only weighs only 120grams.

Suitable for most 50cm - 58cm road bike frame and 15-18 inch mountain bike frames.

Measurement :

  • 46cm (L) x 12cm (H) x 6cm (W)

Features :

  • Two full length water resistant zip with protected closures and one-finger zipper pullers for easy access 
  • Inner mesh pocket for organization.
  • Battery lead / hydration hose port underneath the top tube.

Care :

  • Packs should be hand-washed so as to preserve laminated fabric.
  • Do not machine wash or dry and do not iron.

Please note: While the fabric of the bag itself is entirely waterproof, in the event of prolonged exposure to wet weather conditions, water may enter through its seams. We recommend using an internal dry bag for items that must remain absolutely dry, such as mobile phones, or paper documents.